What Are Seed Sites?

Seed Sites are websites that are completely, without equivocation, trusted entirely by the search engines. Seed sites are known to not engage in any type of Black Hat tactics and to only use White-Hat techniques.  These sites must be current, editorially controlled and even hand-edited.  Google, as well as other search engines, keep a list of these seed sites.  This is how seed sites can give you high quality links to your site.

Search Engines keep lists of seed sites are kept for two primary reasons:

  1. To keep an updated list of websites, pages, etc., to crawl.
  2. To score links to resources on the web, influencing Ranking in the SERP’s.

We don’t know exactly which sites are the seed sites, and how they are ranked by the search engines, but we can assume they are popular sites which are trusted as mainstream sources.   For example, a Seed List would probably contain the following sites (not necessarily in this order or importance):

  • Wikipedia
  • Google My Business (+1)
  • Open Directory Project
  • Facebook

The further away your site is linked to from the Seed Site, the less your site is ranked.  Trust flows from the seed site, to the linked site.  So if Seed Site 1 had a direct link to your site, you’ll get 100% of the Trust passed from the seed site.  If Seed Site 2 passes 100% Trust to Another Site, and Another Site links to your site, you’ll only get a percentage of the Trust.

Seed Site Trust Flow

Seed Site Trust Flow