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Quality SEO (Search Engine Optimization) That Will Get Your Website Listed

in the Google and Bing/Yahoo Organic Search Results.


Our SEO services focus on all the major search engines, ranking you in Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, and many other partner sites.

One of the major ways that SEO services differ from PPC services is that many more man-hours are involved. With PPC your biggest cost is the click-charges from the Search Engines. With SEO, the higher costs cover man-hours instead of click-charges.

So the higher the retainer you pay for, the more effort you are going to see, as we will be spending more time working on your online marketing based on your retainer.


Cash Back Guarantee

Due to the nature of the constantly changing search-scape, search engine algorithms, and competition, it is impossible to make a guarantee like “We Guarantee You #1 Position”. We can, however, make the following guarantee:

Rank cZar guarantees that you will see an ROI “in the black” within 120 days of our Full-Service Packages, or your money back!

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